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Four steps to a success auction

We are with you Every Step Of The Way

We believe that an exceptional auction does not just happen. For an auction to be successful, it requires two important ingredients: Preparation and Promotion.


discuss property

Review the client’s property, goals, & expectations for the sale.


discuss our services

Qualify what service are a good fit for the client’s property & goals.


sign auction contract

Moss Auction Team becomes client agent & takes the lead.


Prepare & Execute

Detailed research, analysis, due diligence, & tactful marketing.

Steps for becoming a seller

Initial Client Consultation

  • Location/Acres/Improvements
  • Ownership History
  • Existing Leases or Mortgages
  • Timeline of Sale
  • Reasons for Selling
  • Type of Auction: Live/Online Only/Simulcast
  • Price(s) Expectations
  • Expertise & Property Knowledge
  • Property Marketing Experience
  • Previous Auction Project Example
  • Past Client References Available
  • Client Signs Auction Contract
  • Moss Auction Team Becomes Client Agent
  • Property Inspection
  • Assessment & Taxes Research
  • USDA FSA Data
  • Soil Productivity Index
  • Drainage & Production History
  • Title Search Ordered
  • Auction Marketing Process
  • Media Advertisements
  • Property Brochure
  • Bulk Emailing
  • Hard Target Property Owner Mailing

Through careful preparation and customized marketing campaign, we work diligently to produce the best possible auction for you. Our goal is market/sell your property or goods at a reasonable cost in an ethical and specialized manner. We will complete your auction in the shortest time possible with the least inconvenience to you. By promoting your auction through both traditional advertising methods as well new techniques via the Internet and social media.

The Moss Auction Team utilizes the auction method of marketing to develop a profitable marketing campaign. We analyze the potential of your property and tailor an advertising plan customized to fit your needs. Our attention to detail results in a well-prepared auction which maximizes your net return. At our auctions, we create an atmosphere of excitement and urgency to encourage buyers to bid on your property. Let the Moss Auction Team create an auction marketing campaign for you.

Auction Advantages

outperforming traditional methods

Time Sensitive

Most auction sales occur in 45 days or less which forces buyers to act on your deadline.


Advertising to a large number of buyers in a short period of time.

Marketing Blitz

Singles your property out and lifts it above the competition resulting in higher return on assets.

Higher Selling price

Auction prices are historically higher than from a private sale and insulates sellers from stressful and awkward negotiations.

No Contingencies!

Property(s) are sold As-Is and non contingent on inspections, financing and appraisals.

Terms & Conditions

The seller and auction company establish all terms and conditions, leaving only the selling price to be negotiated.