As a 5th generation farming family ourselves, we know farms and we have extensive experience in marketing farmland. We know what it takes to capitalize on every acre. Farmland auctions historically produce record breaking selling prices and ensure excellent attendance on sale day. Farmland auctions offer no price limitation, meaning there is no upside limit to how high the actual selling price will end. In addition, an auction realizes the property’s true market value.

Over the past several years, Moss Auction Team has sold approximately 3,556 acres of farmland via auction in East Central Illinois and West Central Indiana for approximately $39,989,000. We understand the constant change in trends with fair market values for farmland and agricultural business margins, not to mention consumers desires for transparency.            

Selling prices for top quality farmland is mainly determined by the following key points: soil types & productivity indexes on tillable acres, tillable acres soil fertility, topography, drainage, location, mineral rights and tenant rights. We have a vast knowledge and a first-hand understanding of these key selling points given our own family has owned farmland in Illinois since 1866. 

To learn more about our farmland marketing expertise, please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.